🎉 C14008 Website

👩‍💻 Introduction to Being a Code Ninja with Julia

Hello students, and welcome to the C14008 Website!

🙋‍♂️ Basic course information


The best way to contact the instructors is to email c14008-teachers@esp.mit.edu.

Course time: Saturdays 7/11 to 8/15 from 1:35pm EDT to 2:55pm EDT

📔 Lectures

  1. The Basics: Lesson1.ipynb

  2. Linear Algebra and Matrices: Lesson2.ipynb

  3. One-liner day: Lesson3.ipynb

  4. Julia Packages: Lesson4.ipynb

  5. Free Day: Lesson5.ipynb

  6. Challenge Day

📣 Announcements